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As long as I can remember, I have loved traveling and diving.
It was precisely these two components that ensured that I founded my own company a few weeks ago and designed a "Travel Logbook".

At this point I have to go back a bit:
My family also love to travel and dive. Often we all sit together and discuss any kind of vacation and mostly when it was, who was there and which hotel. Most of the time everyone wants to be right, but our dive logbooks always help! Because after every dive there is a log with date, buddy, location, etc. and that's exactly what I've always wanted for trips!

During my vacation on Curacao I lay on the beach and log my dive and there is again the desire for my own logbook for traveling. During the whole vacation I thought about how I would design it and was partly thinking about sales. This I have taken the decision my own

To design the “Travel Logbook”!

No sooner said than done and I hope you guys are as excited as I am.

Since marine protection is very important to me, a € 1 is donated to projectaware for every book bought.


Travel Logbook

Our Travel Logbook is perfect for all globetrotters who collected moments and memories and to keep looking and thinking back.


Perfect for the real trip or as a gift.


Peak peformer Logbook (Language German)

For all hiking, sking etc. enthusiasts we have created a great logbook for the peaks and tours that have been climbed, walked, skied....


Perfect for the real trip or as a gift.


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